it's all about bricks and clicks
SKA is an Integrated Communication Agency engaged in the creation and development of brands, with a global and articulated perspective in consolidating the strategic objectives that add value to brands. Thinking, testing, and bringing ideas to life, making use of all the tools needed to generate recognition, loyalty and to foster new relationships and synergies, defines our philosophy and is the core of our work. We plan, create and implement all the processes that enhances the identity and brand communication, catalyzing their strengths and values in people's lives.
SKA was born in 2000. Initially called SKA/TBWA - was part of the expansion strategy of the TBWA Group (Porto). In 2001 starts a new step in the agency's life. Autonomously, the agency reposition itself and advances through new areas. SKA then becomes an Integrated Communication Agency, nowadays giving form and content to many different areas, crossing new methodologies with new strategies, closely following the technological advances which serve the best interests of brands communication.